How to Have a Fantastic Cheap Flights Booking With Minimal Spending

1. Consider round trip tickets - Even if you are only flying one way, sometimes they are so expensive that the round trip ticket is actually cheaper. Just forfeit the return leg portion.
2. Join a frequent flyer program - These programs are free to join and you can earn points towards cheaper fares, upgrades, free companion tickets and even earning free flights! And many programs are created for airline partnerships where they’ll recognize and honor each others’ miles – such as the Qantas / Emirates partnership.
3. Want to turn your frequent flyer points into free or cheap flights but don’t know where to start? - Abroaders turns frequent flyer points into flights at a fraction of the cost of buying a ticket. Before you buy a flight, send Abroaders your travel plans for free and see if you have enough points.
4. Sign Up for an Airline Affiliated Credit Card - If you are using a credit card, why not accumulate frequent flyer points? The best cards and benefits depend on which country you live in and what cards you have access to. Use your card to pay all your travel expenses and living expenses.
5. Sign up for flight deal Email Notifications - The best budget airfare sales can go largely unannounced. Sign up for your favorite airline e-newsletter as promotional fares and discount codes reserved only for email subscribers can save you money. You can also be notified of last minute cheap flights.
6. Use Your Age or Student Status for flight deals - If you’re a student or under 26 years old, look into student discounts. STA Travel’s Exclusive Tickets can save you money.
7. Be careful of refundable flight tickets - It really depends on risk. If you’re taking a short trip and haven’t paid a fortune for it, don’t worry about purchasing refundable tickets or trip cancellation insurance. However, if you’ve made a significant investment and face a high risk of cancellation, such as traveling during peak hurricane season or you have a potential medical condition, refundable tickets and trip cancellation insurance is a good idea!
8. Avoid airline fees - Most airlines are charging for everything these days, and if you have 2 bags or more, expect to be charged for it. Try to keep your entire luggage within one bag per person, and make sure your luggage is not over-sized. Alternatively, look for airlines that don’t charge fees, and some airlines will waive bag fees for frequent flyers or members of its credit-card program. If you do need to check baggage, paying for it in advance is much cheaper than doing it at the airport. Check with each airline before booking so you can make an informed decision.
9. Which seat is best on theflight? - It might not save you money, but it can save your sanity, especially if you’re travelling with kids or gadgets. Seatguru shows you the best and worst seats on the plane, user comments, and photos. Find out the pitch of the seats, if they have power points, personal TV screens, bassinets for infants and if baby changing facilities are available.
10. Delete your cookies/history when searching for flights - Some websites store your search data and will increase the price of the flights if they know the specific flights you are looking for. So when you come back a second time you are pinged as being more ready to buy and so are likely to be offered higher prices than you originally saw.
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